Newspaper is a beautiful news

With Newspaper, you don’t have to be a web designer to create a beautiful news website.
Whether you want to take the time to enjoy building your new website from scratch or run the theme right away and redesign the site with the speed of light, the Newspaper template is an excellent choice. It comes with over 40 amazing pre-made demo designs. This means that Newspaper saves you from the hassle of searching and testing to find the right design. The author packed in the theme dozens of pre-built sites you can choose from. Newspaper comes with a custom import system, so you can preview a demo and install it with a simple click. You can load the demo with content or just the design of the template. If you decide to uninstall it, the import system will clear the website of any demo elements, leaving your pages just like they were before the changes.

Newspaper is POS System Video built to permanently give you the perfect balance between the elements used on a page. The recently released Newspaper 8 brings you a brand new page builder, called tagDiv Composer. Light and fast, it lets you edit your pages right on the frontend just by dragging and dropping the elements where your heart desires. To make everything even easier, you can make complex CSS customization with just a few clicks.

Arranging and styling each element is now a piece of cake, so you won’t need any help or coding skills to make your dream come true. With this powerful live editing tool, you can build astonishing, appealing pages. tagDiv Composer makes your website an infinite playground where you can test your ideas as it comes with a variety of options, challenging your creativity to push the limits.

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