When I create a hop tour from importing my map’s bookmarks, the hop arcs are too big. How can I edit them so playback feels more natural?

Bookmarks to Tour automatically creates keyframes from Merchandise Promo Video the current map’s bookmarks using the hop transition type. During playback, you may see that you need to adjust the height of the hop between the keyframes to make it appear more natural. To edit the camera path of a hop arc, use the interactive slider in the Edit group for a selected keyframe with a hop transition. You can choose a keyframe from the Keyframe Gallery in the Animation Timeline pane, or expand the Keyframe List in the Edit group on the Animation tab. If you have the display path turned on, you can dynamically see your adjustments using the slider. You can either drag the slider bar or click the buttons to incrementally increase or decrease the height of the arc.

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