Nottingham calling

Leaving my hometown Benin City in Nigeria, for the United Kingdom, I always knew the weather was going to be an issue. This meant going from fire into an ice-making machine. This might sound like respite, but the story is best told by international students, most especially those from Africa and Asia.

Complaining to my course coordinator, he reminded me of the saying, “that there is no such thing as bad weather, only improper dressing” and further advised on getting thermal clothes (which I already had). Furthermore, he said with a smile, “After every dark winter, there is a glorious spring”.

Taking a retrospect back to October 2015, I began to settle in the University and gradually appreciated the landscape. The green areas mixed around the built environment, the hills, as well as the bell in The Trent Building. All three features kept me going, in good and bad times.

Product Showcase Video The green vegetation always brought about a renewed sense of appreciation to God almighty, for the wonder of his creation. Hence, I cultivated a “non-African” habit of taking a fifteen-minute walk on the field, after a hard day of study. During these sessions, I was able to disconnect from the vicissitudes accompanying academic life.

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