Meet our Student Callers: Mohataz from Bangladesh

My research interest in architecture and the very relevant research group at The University of Nottingham were my initial inspiration in choosing this university. The University of Nottingham is one of the member institutions of The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU). Hence receiving the commonwealth PhD Scholarship at this university made me determined to start my doctoral research journey in Nottingham. Moreover, I fell in love with the main campuses of The University of Nottingham while I watched the video on the university website. I admit I found the campuses are more beautiful than in the video.My favourite bit is the peaceful life in Nottingham where I Referral Marketing Solution Video can really focus on my studies. I can live a balanced life by choosing from a range of choices offered by this city. Nottingham is a city with its own city centre. Hence, I have a choice to either be a part of the vibrant city life or enjoy the quieter countryside life within a 10 to 15 minute travel distance by bus. The transport system is quite convenient and very cheap (i.e. only £1 for students). The free hopper bus service among the university campuses is the added handiness. In terms of living cost, Nottingham offers a range of options while choosing a perfect student accommodation. I live in an area which is only 5minute bus ride to city centre and 5 minutes free hopper bus ride to the University Park campus. This made my life much convenient. Due to Nottingham’s central location (i.e. midland) in the UK, I can travel to anywhere in the UK very frequently, visit architectural sites and do photography. I can go to London anytime since it only takes around 1 hour 40 minutes by train and around 3 hours by coach. I also enjoy the old architecture and the scenic beauty including lakes and canals of the city.

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