Jordana’s advice for international students on setting up a business in the UK

Hello! I’m Jordana and I am an international graduate from The University of Nottingham. I studied MSc Clinical Nutrition and my masters project focused on diabetes. During my studies, I came across the Postgraduate Ingenuity Prize (now renamed to Ingenuity16 for this year), a competition for students to submit their business ideas, organised by the Ingenuity Lab based at The University of Nottingham Innovation Park.

Property Management Video Having spent four years in Nottingham, I struggled to find any healthy, yet affordable, food outlets available in town. Fast food and takeaway culture is very popular in the UK: pizza, kebabs, fish and chips, Chinese and Indian takeaways are everywhere! However, most of these food outlets tend to be unhealthy. So I thought to myself, why don’t I start a healthy food service with my background in nutrition?

I then submitted my application, attended various workshops, developed a business plan and, at the same time, completed my masters degree. I attended meetings with Steven Chapman, the Ingenuity Lab manager, and I was given an opportunity to discuss the business idea and granted a graduate visa to pursue the business.

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