Popularity of Timberland boots pro can be attributed to its superior quality

Timberland boots pro are for those who look for highly functional work boots but they are also for those who love to wear stylish shoes even. And, when they get functional, trendy and comfortable shoes packed in one pair, they don’t find any reason to complain. Just like Timberland, Dr Martens has been offering stylish and comfortable shoes for ages and naturally has a strong customer base. People who are looking for trendy shoes that come with lifetime warranty opt for these top rated brands. All these manufacturers have shoes for men and women and children.

Timberland boots pro are available in different styles and sizes. You can buy a pair in three simple steps. First, choose the correct size; second, select the style and third, finalize the color. Measurement is critical for buying any shoe. It is more so for a boot. The boot should not pinch your toes or constrict your feet. It should not cause pain or discomfort to your heels or ankles. Timberland boots pro for men are available from size 6 to 18. Also, you may buy medium and wide shoes along with standard size. This helps people having different foot shape to choose a pair closely matching their feet.

In Dr Martens, you get only whole sizes and not in half sizes. It would be better to try two consecutives sizes by visiting a physical store, if you have a half size and see which one fits you better. Once you find the right match, you may shop online for your Dr Martens. Many wearer of DM suggest wearing down as they find the shoes to be slightly roomy. Choosing the right style is however not difficult in their range and you get hundreds of options from each style. Some of them are truly unisex and you know which one would go perfectly with your attire. A unisex style is wider, so if you have a wider foot you can choose one from them. Do not forget to see the conversion chart.

Some find Dr Martens to be quite hard to break in. Few of their boot or shoe needs stretching. And the ones with smooth leather are the hardest. They have one style called broken in which you may try to avoid the hard work. Their Packard, Mirage, Buttero or Broadway range that have soft leather, are much easier to break in. Timberland boots pro are tough shoes and workmen prefer to have the Timberland boots to have the best of two world; safety and comfort.

Take care of your Dr Martens and Timberland boots pro with the maintenance products suggested by the manufacturer. Look at the boxes to find out the ideal materials to use to keep your shoes clean. For example, Wonder Balsam, suggested by DM is the best to protect your shoe from water and salt marks. However, this cannot be used on suede. There is no alternative to black or cherry polish that helps in restoring the colors and keeps the leather soft. You can also use patent cleaner for patent leather or specific cleaner for the footbed.

The quality of Timberland boots pro and Dr Martens have been maintained over the ages.

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