Are buying genuine Dr Martens boots?

Buying a pair of Dr Martens shoe is like dream come true. You might have meticulously planned for months before making this purchase, done quite a bit of research on the internet, looked at the entire range, read reviews of Doc Martens shoes and then decided on the pair that suits you the best in terms of aesthetic, functionality and budget. But in the whole process you may have missed an extremely important aspect, which may turn the joy of owning this shoe to sorrow, when you realize the pair you have bought is fake. Let us explore some easy factors to check before buying a DM shoe to ensure that the product you are buying is genuine.

First, check the shoe box. Dr Martens shoes are usually delivered in a sturdy box. The logo of Doc Martens is clearly printed on the side and lid of the box. Check for the font, size and placement of the logo to ensure authenticity. However, this is not fool proof as the seller can pack a fake shoe in a genuine box. The next step would be to check the label pasted on the box mentioning the details like style, size and color. Also see if the details are matching with the shoe that you have bought. The label has style number and serial number mentioned, which should also match with what is written on the inside upper area of the shoe.

Doc Martens shoes come with an inspection sticker which is pasted on the shoe which you should check out next. The insole of the shoe should have Dr Martens brand name and logo. The newer range also mentions the type of soles like ‘bouncing’ or ‘air-cushioned’. The outsole marking of these shoes is unique and embossed. You should check if the embossing is cleanly done and recognizable.

Now comes a very important check point. All Dr Martens shoes are known and famous for their stitching which is of the highest quality. The stitching should be neatly done, evenly spaced and taut. Also, check for sole stitching which is done with yellow threads. The new range of Doc Martens also comes with spare lace which is packed in plastic bag on which the brand name and logo is printed.

The above check points will help you to understand whether you are buying genuine Doc Martens products. Since these shoes are quite expensive and you usually buy for using them for long period of time, it is important to ensure that you don’t fall victim of counterfeit products. Many ranges of Dr Martens shoes are used for heavy duty purposes like industrial use and adventure sports. In case you don’t buy the genuine product it may pose serious safety threats to you. It may lead to trouble during your adventure trips or while you are working in the work floor. It may even cause serious injuries that will force you to take off from your office or workplace. Hence, checking these points are as important steps as buying a new pair of shoes.

Keep yourself aware of the cheap Doc Martens replicas. Purchase Dr Martens only from reputed online stores.

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