Adwalnut: Going to Release Some Awe-inspiring Features in the Upgrade Version

Reactions have been unbelievable over the last few months from clients of Adwalnut. Client precedence has always been a significant part of upgradation. We are now growing day by day. We are now in a shape from where we can cater to the need of our clients by empowering them with some new and exciting features which really help them to achieve new heights.
1Affiliate Referral Program
To construct successful performance marketing affiliate marketers use affiliate referral program. Referral program rewards existing affiliates for recruiting new ones. It’s amplified your business significantly. In other words it helps to obtain new affiliates. Existing affiliates can refer other affiliates who want to work with the same merchants.
When your target audience is more explicit,on that time use Geo targeting (based on Google tag manager). It enhances offer performance by winning targeted traffic.It facilitates targeting through numerous rules followed by And/Or logic.You can target IP, OS, Browser Mobile, Continent, Country, State, City, Language and many more. For more details check out our website.
3Custom Alerts.
You can set an alert for an entire application.Like you can set an alert for an entire Advertiser setting, Affiliate Setting, Application Setting, Domain Setting, Offer Setting, Tracking Setting etc. As a consequence you can easily track what is happening on the network.
4Employee Module
You can provide credentials to your employees with Read and Write options.It helps to enhance the security over the network enormously.
After tremendous hard work by our tech team,we released a bunch of new features for our valued customers. Check out how these features can make your performance marketing a lot easier. Adwalnut is a perfect team for networks and advertisers with its variety of features. We are extremely delighted to develop the aforesaid features for our valued customers. We are focusing not only on Customer Acquisition but also on Customer Life Time Value. It makes us really unique.  

For more details about features,please don’t hesitate to sign up at


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