Freelance Writers: Here’s The Upside Down Business Model That Will Transform Your Side Hustle

Today’s contribution comes from James Johnson, an ex-broke shoe salesman turned side-hustler, who later became a full-time freelance writer in part due to the cool tactic he shares below.

As they tend to do, James’ writing side hustle begat a new project: Freelance Writers School, where he teaches aspiring freelance writers how to get started and take their business to the $1000 a month level and beyond.

Take it away, James!

What if I told you there was an easy way to access the hidden freelance job market?

That with just a few minutes work you could unlock a world of high paying, unadvertised freelance writing jobs, that are looking to hire people like you.

You’d probably say I was crazy. Web Animation Video Studio But the truth is that such a system exists, and it’s been a key part of my own business for the last two years.

In 2015, after months of endless rejections, cold leads and being ignored, I decided to flip my business model and change how I found clients.

In this article I’d like to introduce you to the Upside Down method of finding clients and show you how it can transform your business.

What You’ll Learn

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