How to Build Relationships to Build Links

Link building is tough in any industry. And with the advent of aggressive algorithm changes like Panda and Penguin in the past year or so, SEOs and online marketers have to be increasingly smart about how we build links. Since a lot of links from low quality sites with the exact anchor text for the term you want to rank for will now get you penalized instead of helping you rank, we must increasingly find ways to get high quality links back to our sites.

Finding Influencers

If you work in-house, you already know who the movers and shakers in your industry are. If you work at an agency, whether a creative or marketing agency, you need other ways to find and begin building relationships.

If I were trying to find people influential about real estate in California, I would go use Followerwonk, a tool that searches Twitter biographies and returns a list of people with their following and follower counts, as well as the age of their account and a calculated “influence” score. If I ran a query for [california real estate], this is the result I’d get and my first people to try to build a relationship with:

Building a Relationship

  1. Other than building a relationship in real life, which is always going to be the most effective way, you can use some smart tactics and tools to help you get on their radar.



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