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Top Marketing Experts Converge to Provide a True Internet Marketing Experience

Have you ever left a conference with the energy, excitement and newly attained knowledge still coursing through you? The Internet Marketing Experience, put on by the BlueGlass team, was one of those conferences. The experience was so positive that I feel obliged to share some of the highlights, as they pertain to online marketing, in hopes that others can benefit as well.

Predict the Future of SEO by Looking at Its Past

Many webmasters are scrambling right now to recover from recent Panda updates and webspam improvements in Google. Some experts, like Greg Boser and Jeff Preston, advocated the importance of being proactive. Avoiding these “catastrophes” is possible by doing proper research on Google’s past and future plans and by taking advantage of the constant updates and recommendations that Google publishes.

Better Marketing Messages Lead to More Conversions

As the competitive landscape continues to become more challenging and users grow more savvy of worn-out marketing tactics, actual conversions become more difficult to realize. Proven industry experts, like Mark Suster and Jason Nazar, proved that with the right marketing message and timing, exponential increases in conversion rates can be realized.



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