Setting New Standards for Your Kitchen with Bella Kitchen

Most of us, whichever part of the world we may live in, spend a major part of our time in the kitchen. In fact, the kitchen is the most “used” part of the house across the world, as it is not only used for cooking but also plays an important role in bringing the family members together. Earlier, kitchens used to be cramped, dingy and dark. The scenario has completely changed now. Most people today prefer to plan and design a kitchen in keeping with their personal needs and lifestyle, and usually get it done by a professional.

Wash UP

Vegetables as well as utensils and crockery need to be washed frequently in the kitchen. Whether the above functions are combined in a simple single bowl sink or more ideally a double bowl sink, would depend on the space available. Sometimes if the cooking area is at a distance, an additional sink can also be an ideal thing to have near the stove—especially for those cuisines which feature a lot of pasta and the like. A dishwasher is a great option as it ensures less breakage and scratching.


For activities like cutting, chopping, kneading, rolling and so on, a free unhindered counter-top space of at least one square meter is required. The finish can be natural stone, synthetic or stainless steel.


This comprises a regular stove top (gas operated) of at least two burners or the more contemporary hobs! Ancillary cooking also takes place with ovens, Buit in Microwaves Dealer in Pune, toasters and tandoors.


This includes consumables that require refrigeration as well as dry consumables such as rice, lentils and so on.

There are also non-consumables that need space like cooking utensils, crockery and Cutlery Basket in Pune.

An efficient storage system is necessary. Any nook and cranny can with a little bit of originality be converted into a space for storing those annoying little bottles which are always falling everywhere, or to hide those paper bags which look so messy. A pelmet for task lighting can store everyday glasses.


Kitchen planning to a great extent is the sole discretion of the user. What style or look do you want for your kitchen? One must go in for a look, which one won’t get bored with a year down the line. Choose materials that ate maintenance-friendly. Styles for kitchens will vary from classic to contemporary. And your ideal look may fall anywhere in between. Contemporary looks usually involve the use of a lot of steel and glass, up-to-date gadgetry and appliances, and internal fittings to facilitate storage. It consists of sleeker lines with very little frills but sometimes borders on a very impersonal feel. The classic look involves the use of a lot of wood. Such spaces have a warm homey appearance but could tend also towards the cluttered look. There is no harm in mixing the two extremes. You might want to have outward wooden cabinets  which have internal sliding accessories to expand the space, or a high pressure chimney hidden behind a pelmet, or even a stainless steel countertop over a natural wooden veneer shutter—the idea is to create a skilful blend to meet your needs.

Some basic components help to derive the ultimate look:

  1. A. CABINETRY. You have to decide on Kitchen shutters and their finish with options of natural wood, veneer, laminate, post formed and even steel
  2. FLOOR. It is important that the floor should be anti-skid as kitchens tend

to be most accident prone areas in the house. The floor must be easy to clean and not vulnerable to soaking oil and water

  1. WALL. Tiles are always a safe choice as they cannot only be cleaned easily but a bright colourful tile combination can uplift the dreariest of kitchens. The portion of the wall which serves as the direct backsplash behind the counter may be treated differently for effect—glass, steel, stone are some of the alternate options to tiles
  2. COUNTERTOP. Natural stone countertops are always popular but whatever one uses it is always good to separate the preparation area and have a separate counter-top space for appliances as well

If you already have a kitchen which you are not happy with, or like most of us who move into apartments—who don’t even have a choice about how to lay out their kitchens—there is no need to despair. Within your given layout also you can create new possibilities. Sometimes the problem may be as basic as bad lighting—a bigger window or change in light fixtures can make the difference. Task lighting and the overall ambience lighting are important.

A successful kitchen is a welcoming place which prepares that quick breakfast on the run as well as the gourmet meal when trying to impress friends and relatives. Your dream kitchen must translate into a “real kitchen” which really works, which takes daily wear and tear, which really prepares the best meals possible.

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