Yoga can lead to injury and painful

Yoga can help relieve those aches and pains but it can also lead to an injury, researchers warn.

A University of Sydney study has found yoga caused musculoskeletal pain – mostly in the arms – in more than 10% of participants. Yoga also exacerbated 21% of existing injuries.

Lead researcher, Associate Professor Evangelos Pappas, says the risk of pain caused by yoga is higher than previously reported.

“Yoga may be a bit more dangerous than previously thought,” Pappas said.

“Our study found that the incidence of pain caused by yoga is more than 10% per year, which is comparable to the rate of all sports injuries combined among the physically active population,” he said.

The prospective study assessed more than 350 people who attended yoga classes at two studios in New York.

Participants, mostly women with an average age of 45, were asked to complete a questionnaire at recruitment and again after one year.



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