urges students to explore additional human paraphrasing even with the advent of software solutions

London, UK 30th June, 2017 – has urged students in college around the world to explore the idea of using human based paraphrasing even with the rise of automatic paraphrasing software solutions. The company feels that there is still a lot of value in adding a human touch in paraphrasing and students should take advantage of this and get the best of both worlds.

Although agrees that rewrite paragraphs technology has come far, the provider also feels that there is still more room to increase the human touch  so that even as the machines do well to offer quick and reliable paraphrasing the human touch works to ensure that the final copy is readable. has said that it has always felt the need to retain a human paraphrasing team on board. The company argues that even if there will come airtime when the tools will be just as efficiency as the humans, students will still need someone to go through the final copy released by the rewrite article tools to ensure there is nothing unusual.

It is based on these beliefs that has seen it fit to offer the perfect blend of these two services. In addition to its paragraph rephrase solutions, the company will also allow students to have their work checked by a team of paraphrasing experts and the required changes will be made accordingly.

This will ensure two things. First it will give the students a chance to have the papers paraphrased faster. it will also help to ensure that the rewrite text can be relatable from a human perspective. This means that instructors won’t even get a hint that you paraphrased the paper. If you want more details you can actually go to

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