What a Hero Needs

What do you want to be when you grow up? We’ve all heard this before, responding with high paying occupations and goals.

Magician. Theme park designer. Architect. Heart doctor. Smoothie maker. Video game tester. Actor. Bass Player in a Killers cover band. Pluto from Disney. Being a motherfuckin’ pilot. The list goes on and on if things I wanted to call myself throughout the years. I could keep going, but nothing stands out more than Superhero.

I believed in this title and that one day I will save the world. Somehow, some day and in the most heroic fashion of course. Whether I’d be blowing up a meteor piloted by zombie dinosaurs, stabilizing the world economy by finding Martian treasure in Vermont, or enchanting a horde of evil Atlanteans through shredding the bass groove on “Mr. Brightside.” Regardless, I save the day and all I ask the world in return is a lifetime supply of KBBQ, a Golden Disney pass, and LOST season 7.

Let’s get back on track. A hero needs two things. Skills and stories. Spend your day acquiring them and you yourself will have what it takes to be a hero.

Hone talents to their maximum potential. Whether you’re trying to lift more weights, be better at a musical instrument, or learning a new language, future you will thank you for being a jack of all trades.

Stories are equally important. What superhero do you know that doesn’t have a comic book detailing all their lore and adventures within its pages? A hero is only as good as the adventures they go on and not how many sitcoms on Netflix they’ve watched. Take time to travel and explore. Visit new destinations, meet interesting people, and put yourself in moments that will make a good story, not just for you to look back on, but for others to be in awe of the life you decided to live.

This is your life. So why not be the hero of your own story?


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