QuickBooks file extension in Mac.

This error is considered to one of the complex error in QuickBooks accounting software. We being an open platform for accounting software’s each day at least 10 to 15 issues everyday related to this error.

QuickBooks available for two plat form Mac &windows since the software is compatible with two different platforms same way this include different setting and file extension both the platforms.

As per as QuickBooks window is concern it is one of the most plat form used by small user and big organizer most of the people love to use QuickBooks on windows platform because they are comfortable with this platform

As per as Mac is consent it is the most platform in the word less users for QuickBooks Mac but this platform gives you stabilities and security without any short cut QuickBooks for Mac extension are concern they can make the different according the version QuickBooks you are using :

QuickBooks file Extension for Mac:

  • QuickBooks 2006 Mac data file extension
  • .QB2016
  • QuickBooks 2015 Mac company data file extension
  • .QB2015
  • QuickBooks 2014 Mac company data file .QB2014
  • QuickBooks 2017
  • Windows compatible QuickBooks man backup file extension.QBB
  • QuickBooks Mac backup file extent ion .QBMB
  • QuickBooks Mac 2013 backup file extension.DMG
  • QuickBooks perceive file extension. LIST

QuickBooks for windows file extension:


  • QuickBooks company file extension for windows .QBW
  • QuickBooks backup file extension for windows.QBB
  • QuickBooks portable file extention.QBM
  • QuickBooks windows file extension.QBI
  • QuickBooks windows reports template extension.QBR
  • QuickBooks layout designer template extension.DES
  • QuickBooks online bank statement extension.QBO
  • QuickBooks present file extension for windows .QBP

Now we going to explain you some extension file of QuickBooks

QuickBooks accountant file extension:

QuickBooks accountant file is kind of file which is d=send by your accountant

Some time user’s get stuck with this file as is well.

Some of the extension listed below:

  • QuickBooks accountant copy file extension.AEIF
  • QuickBooks working file exten.QBA
  • Traction lock file extension for the QuickBooks accountant copy .QBA &.TLG
  • Accountant copy journal entry extenson.QBJ
  • QuickBooks accountant review copy extension .QBX


QuickBooks payroll file extension

QuickBooks file to create forms 940 & 941.1PA QuickBooks file for printing 940&91 forms PRDTESVR.EXE, product.FAM, perwim95.INI QuickBooks payroll tax table file extension TAXTBL.usa

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