Proper Dental Care should be Part of prenatal Care

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76% of Women Improved lifespan with proper Dental Care during pregnancy


Oral health is one of the important concern and should be maintain properly during pregnancy. Maintaining proper dental hygiene can give positive impact on cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other disorders. According to studies by U.S. women reported that they did not gone through a dental visit within the past year. And 56% of women did not visit a dentist during pregnancy. Proper dental care during the pregnancy decreases the risk of transmission of bacteria to the infant during common parenting behavior, such as sharing spoons, kissing etc.

The American Academy of Periodontology and the American Dental Association given importance of maintaining good dental health during pregnancy. According to survey half of the women shown bit interest in dental checkup while they are pregnant because they believed poor oral health during pregnancy was normal or they feared dental treatments could harm the fetus.

Disorder in oral health of pregnant women like periodontitis associated with many virus; like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, Alzheimer disease, respiratory infections, as well as osteoporosis of the oral cavity. This all disease can affect the lifespan of women and child to prevent these types of disease this is vital factor to take into consideration that dental care and hygiene is important in pregnancy for general well-being of both mother and infant.

In pregnancy normal hormone changes occurs primary periodontal disease can become more obvious through bleeding gums. As bleeding gums primary periodontal disease can become more obvious through bleeding gums.Preterm labor and low weight baby are the main causes of smoking in pregnancy and poor maternal nutrition. All these factors such as poor maternal oral health a lack of adequate dental hygiene, infrequent dental check-ups is the risk symptoms and part of negative parental behaviors and attitudes to dental health and disturbing the future of you and your child.

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