to expand its market this year by at least 30% based on the way trends are looking at the moment

London, UK 29th June, 2017 – has announced that it will expand its market share this year by at least 30%. This is based on projections made this month taking into account the trends in growth that have been seen over the last few months. This will be one of the biggest growth rates in the company’s history.

The avoid plagiarism online firm says that there are many factors that inspire confidence on this growth. To begin with, there is the idea that students are becoming very wary of the copied content that may advertently make its way into the research they are doing. This means they are looking for active quality solutions to address the problem.

In addition to this, even though it seems like there are millions of plagiarism detection tools, the level of quality is not that good. Because many kids can’t take chances with the originality of their papers, they are sticking with how to paraphrase properly ideas that rewrite the coped content. has been offering this chance and with its paraphrasing and plagiarism removal tools, students feel there is a good way to ensure they are never caught with any issues of copied content over the coming years. A growth in 30% of market share will help the online paraphrasing service expand its services.

This is because a bigger market means that more and more customers are spending and this increases the revenue that is making. The money can then be reinvested back in making its paraphrasing plagiarism even easier. This is a big step and is hoping it will open more doors for the team. You can visit for more details.

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