King Will New Meteor Collection – Innovation of Men’s Wedding Band

King Will, the rising star in men’s wedding band, has just launched their new Meteor TM collection. The name comes from the inspiration of love stories about meteor of centuries. King Will combines the traditional composition with technology, fashion and innovations, to bring this strong, durable and stunning, inspiring men’s wedding band.


“The whole team is excited about the new collection, it was a bold attempt to try these ideas at one time,” says the designer, “There are still many imaginary spaces and potentials in the style of this collection, but these rings are the achievements of months of hard works and everyone is proud about it.”


Despite of tungsten carbide which they adopted in previous collections, titanium was chosen this time. Titanium is resilient and safe for a wedding bands, it won’t cause any allergic response, furthermore, titanium does not generate chemical reactions with other substances, color won’t change too, there’s no need to worry about oxidize or darken. For a metal, it owns a very low density and its light in weight, but titanium is extremely strong.


The most special about this collection is the combination of CZ stones and imitated meteorite pattern. It’s a completely new style in the market. Titanium makes people thinking about strength and space, while CZ stones and imitated meteorite pattern represents the glowing beauty of shinning stars, together they lights up the whole collection. With several colors available, the Meteor TM collection can fits any tastes or any outfits.


To learn more about this collection or other King Will rings, refer to their website at


About King Will

King Will was established in early 2014. Before that they have years of experience in jewelry making. After the initial exploration, they soon focused on men’s tungsten wedding bands. And now, as one of the most popular brand on Amazon, they have over 1 million customers all over the US and the number is keep growing.

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