EZdosit | Approved

The Ezdosit App has one of the best interactive platforms for social entertainment and engagement. Join the excitement and interaction with other users and followers. It is a free, interactive-based social media environment where you can connect with friends and family which allows users to share a post, picture, or other information with a short description and/or information, and receive votes and read comments from other users. If you need feedback about an outfit, a business idea, the purchase of a gift, a car, travel ideas, topics on writing school papers, political views, or even about your mate, just post it and let other users vote and share their comments. The voting options are: Approved, Needs Improvement, or Disapproved. This platform allows real time engagement for users to share their opinions and gather ideas about common interests and events thus encouraging social relationships. There are many social media platforms with the design based on this feature but the Ezdosit App is considered an emerging online community with additional excellent features. It provides exclusive options to create groups to form communities and discussion forums, chat with a single person or in a group, and make comments, share opinions, upload live videos, chat with your friends, and make voice and video calls. Registered users post, followers and other users vote and make comments. A click on the Green square means Approved. A click on the Yellow square means Need Improvement. A click on the Red square means Disapproved. This new world of social media connects twitter. Instagram, and Facebook accounts thus distributing your messages to all social networking websites from one single account. Information provided on the Ezdosit App is completely secured and allows users to change the account settings with password security. It gives the users the ability to create their own profiles, send invitation to their friends, and listen to music, and upload videos. Join in the excitement! Have Fun! Relieve Stress! Heard in real time by real people. Download the Ezdosit App today!







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