Best Background Check Service for Small Businesses

Services and Cost:

With GoodHire, small businesses can choose from three different background check plans, as well as add-on services that can be tacked on to each package. Background checks can be ordered one at a time, and you do not have to purchase a minimum amount

Ease of Use :

Running background checks with GoodHire is very simple. After you purchase reports via the company’s website, a one-time verification is conducted to confirm your business is legitimate. Verification requires you to provide your company name, address, employer identification number and state of incorporation. You may also be asked, depending on the state you are located in, for your business license. This process typically takes about one day.

Customer Service

Among all of the background check services we examined, GoodHire offered some of the best customer service. To test the level of support, we called the company on several occasions posing as a new small business owner interested in background check services.


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