5 Super Cool Bathroom cleaning tips

Cleaning bathrooms have been the most unpleasing task for any individual. The traditional bathroom includes various essential components that should be cleaned effectively. Many people think cleaning to be bothersome while the remaining others do it for personal satisfaction. According to an article in The Australian stated that more than 1/3 of the Australians hire professional or employ domestic help once a month. While in Melbourne more than 1/2 of the citizens hire experts for their household cleaning, as there is the various recognized end of lease cleaning companies in Melbourne. Thing gradual change is due to the fact that many working couples prefer to hire professional for this troublesome task.

5 Super Cool Bathroom cleaning tips

5 Super Cool Bathroom cleaning tips

A basic bathroom includes a toilet, bathtub, faucets, wash basins, mirrors, flooring and tiles. While the luxury ones include various expensive tools and appliances. We will focus on the basic one and how you can clean it’s components effectively.

Well if you still are keen on cleaning your house, keep in mind these cool tips that will help you surely!

1. Toilet-

The toilet is the grossest component of all. The material used to manufacture a toilet is usually nonporous material which is quite easy to clean with help of right tools. Toilet cleaning can be an annoying task if you cannot stand bad odour or disgusting stains. Make up your mind first and then plan it accordingly. This might be uncomfortable for many if you have to clean the bottom and back side of the toilet. But with the right tools and technique, this will be worth it at the end.

  • For an overnight in the toilet bowl, you have to leave the denture tablet for removing stains.
  • Avoid mixing bleach with the toilet cleaners.
  • Use extra-fine sandpaper for removing tough stains and steel wool works too.
  • Use 1/2 cup of chlorine bleach inside the toilet bowl and leave for thirty minutes. Then just scrub with the brush and hit the flush button.

 2. Faucets-

Faucets can be tough to clean. They usually are small and fancy. So even the slightest dirt or stains make it look ugly and awful. They should be cleaned with determination and focus. Even the slightest contamination will look nasty. Let us focus on few precautions and tips for cleaning faucets.

  • Try to pull the shower curtain when not in use since this would not allow the water to sit the floor.
  • For cleaning your shower head, you just have to fill a basic plastic bag with undiluted vinegar and hang it on its head with the help of a rubber band. Let it soak overnight and then scrub it using any small brush.
  • After showering always try to wipe the faucets with the terry clothed towel which prevents soap stains and mineral deposits.
  • Try to clean faucets in short intervals using alcohol, it is very effective on chrome or steel products.

3. Wash Basin Sink And Mirrors-

Wash basin sink and mirrors are actually the easiest things to clean in this category. You just need a few basic materials like cotton cloth, authentic cleaner and if your sink suffers from limescale problem then you might need to use a specific cleaner to remove those mineral deposits. While mirrors generally have soap residue or watermarks. Look below at necessary tips that make sure you have a clean wash basin sink and mirrors.

  • Fill the wash basin with very hot water and let it stand for some time. This will allow the hot water to loosen up the stains or residue left on sides of wash basin and then just scrub it softly.
  • Use soft cloths to clean your sink.
  • Try to clean sink as regularly as you use it.
  • Avoid using a corrosive sponge on the wash basin’s faucet.
  • Clean your mirror with vinegar or alcohol and wipe it slowly by soft cotton tissue or paper.

4. Tiles and Floors-

Wall tiles and ground flooring cleaning takes the longest to clean among all the mention components. People usually quit before even cleaning the complete section. This situation can surely be avoided, just by following a few ethical steps that would help you to clean tiles and floor more happily. The material used to build tiles and floor is porous which allows the water to sink through. Although the majority of bathroom floors are disgusting as they are rarely cleaned.If you want to avoid that, look at the steps below:

  • To get out the mould always rub the grout with lemon wedges.
  • For cleaning the wallpaper try to scrub softly using a moisture sponge soaked in baking soda.
  • You should scrub lightly in the circular motion four to five times on every single tile.
  • Try to vacuum the floor rather than wasting your time on a broomstick.
  • Usually, every bathmat captures the majority of the dirty chunk and should be laundered every week regularly.

5. Bathtub-

The bathtub is one component without which any bathroom is incomplete. They are generally made up of porcelain material. People love to stay in their bathtub along with their bathtub toys. But did you realise how much dirt and scum you are leaving during that particular time period? Here are a few tips that will assist you while cleaning your bathtub.

  • Ceramic bathtubs are easy to clean if you fill them up with hot water before starting cleaning.
  • Always use non-abrasive products for cleaning.
  • Mix one part of water with two parts of vinegar then apply this solution on the material and then scrub it lightly with a brush.
  • After cleaning completely wipe the complete area with terry cloth towel
  • Do not forget to clean the drain faucet of a bathtub using baking soda and water.
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