to start offering special residency personal statement samples to all its customers

London, UK 27th June, 2017 – has announced that it will start to offer its customers a series of specialized samples that will be used for application in residency programs. The company has added that there will be a page on its site fully dedicated towards this goal and customers will have the chance to go there and download any sample that they want to use in their application. agrees that the role of the personal statement when it comes to the application of residency has changed over the last few years. quality is not very important and in fact, students who are able to express themselves better in their statements will always get into the best medical residency programs.

However, writing quality personal statements takes time yet even so, quality samples can really make things easier. This is the rationale behind the new samples at and the ERAS application consultant is confident that the samples will be central in delivering success for students.

The company has also confirmed that it will collaborate with other partners so that the samples delivered are as good as possible. There are no shortcuts to the best residency programs in medicine. The competition is always high and writing the best anesthesiology personal statement will always make a huge difference. has urged students to relay explore the sample on its site.

The firm has also added that in the event a student is not able to utilize the samples in doing a good cardiology residency personal statement its professional writing services will always remain open to offer additional assistance. The samples will be offered free of charge. If you want to see how you can benefit visit the company at

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