Christie’s RV: Travel Trailers for Sale

Summer is finally here to stay for a while and therefore you must seize it while you still can! By now, you might have noticed the influx of travel trailers driving down the highway as they set off to their summer adventure and perhaps, it might be time for you to go on your own summer adventure with a travel trailer as well!


There’s a reason why people prefer a travel trailer more than a motorhome, it is because a travel trailer is designed to be towed by your pick-up truck, SUV or even a car as it is non-motorized. It provides the same amenities you can find in a typical home: a bathroom with a sink and shower area, living area with 2 or more sofa, kitchen area with a countertop, stove, cupboards, and even a cupboard. It would also include a queen-sized for your own comfort and if you are using it for the purpose of accommodating your whole family, you may choose a travel trailer that has a bunk bed for your kids to sleep on comfortably.


The slide out is a popular feature among the latest models of travel trailers as it provides a wider floor space for your family, making your RV feel truly like a home. It’s a good thing that here at Christie’s RV Ontario, one of the largest RV dealer in Ontario, we have everything you need when it comes to travel trailers for sale!


One happy Christie’s RV customer, Mel Zimmermann, left a 5-star review on the Facebook page of Christie’s RV saying, “We were just told we are the proud new owners of a trailer. We didn’t think it was a deal that would go through but Ed worked his magic! Sandra, Ed and the entire Christie’s crew took our vision for a family friendly trailer and our budget requirements. They went above and beyond to show us trailers and were upfront and honest about all costs and financing options. Thank you Christie’s for making this a reality! My husband and I are thankful to you, but most importantly, the kids are ecstatic that they have a big ‘play room’ for camp.” Come to think of it, an RV could also be a playroom for your children to play in and they will surely remember the wonderful memories they will make along the way, one that can be treasured for years to come!


With Christie’s RV Ontario, the largest RV dealer, you are sure to find the best deals on travel trailers for sale so what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and call them at 705-777-2200 or visit their website at!

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