Why use cork underlayment

When it comes to renovating a house or commercial space, people want to assess their available options, see what works best, what can be done to improve the ambiance and make the property more functional. There are indeed many materials available on the market and among the popular ones is cork. This versatile material comes in many forms and shapes, meaning you can find it as cork underlayment and even as cork wall panels. It has some outstanding properties that make it quite desirable and easy to install as well.

Cork is harvested from trees directly, which automatically makes it an environmental friendly option The trees are not cut down, as it happens with other hardwood flooring options. The sensation one gets when stepping on cork tiles is quite nice and feels like rubber as it contains a lot of air. Being water-resistant, you can be rest assured that water is repelled and it will not penetrate the cork. Besides this, it is also hypo-allergenic, being an ideal option for those that suffer from allergies and want a floor that will not present any problems.

Cork underlayment is a viable choice because it provides an amazing sound barrier, no matter the installed flooring type, stone, ceramic, hardwood or laminate and such. Not to mention that cork is a healthy option and it improves the indoor air quality. In case you are thinking about adding a floor heating system, you can certainly use cork underlayment as the chance of cracks appearing is highly decreased. Acting as a great sound barrier, sound transmissions are also reduced from the surface of the floor, in both ways, above the living space and below. Being a natural alternative, it keeps insects away, such as termites, pests and mites.

Both cork underlayment and cork wall panels are thermal insulators as well. Surfaces will be warmer, as cold will not migrate from the floor or walls. Some people even prefer installing cork tiles on their own, as there are many instructions available online and providers will also offer support, if needed. However, professionals are available to take care of the issue and make sure cork is properly adapted inside the property, so one can enjoy its characteristics for a long period of time. Speaking of which, cork is a highly durable material and you can expect to have it for many years.

As for cork wall panels, they are naturally decorative and can represent a worthy alternative to conventional coverings. You can find it in a great variety of patterns, so you can easily adapt it to the desired décor of your property. Their functionality cannot be denied either, being acoustically insulators, especially if you pay attention to the thickness of the panels. Having anti-vibration properties, you will not be easily disturbed. Wall and ceiling panels can be found with ease online, since there are manufacturers and providers that present galleries with many products to choose from.

You can find out more about cork underlayment right here. Besides this flooring option, you can also choose cork wall panels for an added effect and functionality.

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