Smartwood Shutters – Perfect all-round solution for external applications

Smartwood ShuttersThere are many more options to window dressing than just Venetian blinds and curtains. When you say the word “shutter” the first thing that comes to mind is a hurricane. But window shutters have evolved making them not only highly functional but also quite beautiful and traditional.

In fact, selecting and fitting the right type of window shutters will create a highly personalised style and heighten the appeal of your home or building; especially buildings and homes with historical or traditional designs.

For example, for Victorian style homes the ideal type of shutter would have flat panels or Plantation Shutters or Louvered shutters. The latter include aluminium shutters, basswood shutters, smart wood shutters and cedar wood shutters.

If your home sports an Italianate style architecture, opt for radial-top louvered shutters and of course, the best place to buy these would be at Apollo Blinds, Australia. More information is available at

For Colonial or Federal style homes, you could opt for a mix of operable louvers and pannels i.e. operable louvers for 1st floor and upwards and panels for the ground level doors and windows. These shutters are available in a range of material including Smartwood.

If your home has a Georgian style architecture, choose recessed or raised panels placed along the windows – these will beautifully compliment the black and slate stone architecture.

A Spanish or Mediterranean style home will benefit from Affordable Ecoguard Roller Shutters and Board shutters i.e. Plantation Shutters made from Smartwood.

Types of Shutters:

1. Louvre Shutters – select from a wide range of materials including aluminium to hand crafted timber and smartwood. Online Louvre Shutters are now available in a range of powder coated colours, are chip resistant and can span very wide doors and windows.

2. Plantations Shutters – are available in Basswood Timber and Western Red Cedar wood.

3. Basswood Shutters – as the name suggests are made from Modern Basswood Shutters. This is a medium density timber ideal for making Custom Folding Arm Awnings and Roller Shutters. Before use, the basswood timber is kiln dried to about 10% moisture.

4. Cedar Shutters – again, as the name suggests, these are made from Modern Cedar Shutters and are generally available in blends of dark to medium dark and light. These days they are also available oiled or painted finish as desired.

5. Smartwood or Plantation Shutters – Smartwood is a factory produced wood made from polymer foam Eco wood or Duratec. Eco wood is a solid, non-toxic, synthetic material. Duratec is a mixture of artificial and natural because it has a polymer blade that is combined with the lightweight Western Red Cedar frame.

For the entire range of smartwood shutter options, please visit the Apollo Blinds store or their online website at

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