Media monitoring and Research is quite easy at Just track

Media monitoring and Research is quite easy at Just track,Dedicated team of just track is capable of fulfilling expectations of all clients. When a businessman is little or more worried about fall in the business, when a corporate loses sleeps due to more activeness of competitors, when despite all out efforts the present business is not yielding the expected results, then every one searches the effective remedy. During last decade the need of a competent monitoring company was felt by such sufferers and a few names have emerged on the screen also, but whether all of them were competent enough to meet the requirements of their clients? No.

Just track, though a new name in the area, is providing par excellent services to it’s clients from December 2011. “As we have vast experience of Public Relations, and have been providing PR services to our valuable clients, from last six years, we were persuaded by our honorable customers to lay our hands on Monitoring and Research also so that besides PR, we may be able to provide them services in these sectors also, and, just track has emerged as the right solution for monitoring and research for our clients.” said Atul Malikram.

Just track has started providing services to clients, from metro cities, Delhi and Bangalore , but is doing monitoring and research services from 476 destinations including the following services:

TV (16 News Channels)
Online (500+ Portals and blogs)
E papers (From 476 destinations}
Magazines (60+ business magazines)
News Papers (19 states and 46 cities)

“We have entered the field of Monitoring and Research, just now, but are confident that our existing as well as new clients will find us a right destination for the purpose.” added Atul Malikram.



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