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There is about sixty-five million people living in the United States with STD. Every year we see nearly fifteen million new STD cases.

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Here are some facts about STD

•    In United States of America 65 million of people are with STD;

•    Each year STD effects new 15 million;

•    2/3 of all STD occur from young people to 25 age;

•    ¼ new sexually transmitted diseases occur in teenagers group;

•    Cervical cancer in women is connected to Human Papillomavirus(HPV);

•    Every doctor has to report newly diagnosed STD cases (hepatitis B, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia) to state health departments and the CDC;

•    ¼ Americans have genital herpes, 80% with herpes are completely unaware of it;

•    ¼ Americans will face with STD at some point in their lives;

•    15% of all American women are infertile because of tubal damage caused by untreated STD;

•    12% of all American men are interfile because of inflammation of the testicles and sterility caused by untreated STD.

Follow this link to check the treatment for specific STDs:

STD symptoms

The danger of STDs often has asymptomatic character that’s why many people (especially women) don’t receive good medical treatment. It can lead to further spread of diseases to other partners or even to female infertility in severe cases.

The signs of STD aren’t obvious; even minor symptoms can be worth paying a visit to a doctor. Early stages of STD are easy to cure, but some of them require long-term care.

STD symptoms are:

You have painful urination and pain during sexual intercourse;

You have itchy, sore and irritated genital area;

You or your partner have unusual and abnormal discharge from (it may be colored/ with odor);

Blisters or sores around genital;

Women may have bleeding after ***;

Pain in lower abdominal;

Symptoms like low fever and flu;

Pain in the testicles;

If women may have bleeding between menstrual periods;

If you force(push) often to urinate.

In spite of all mentioned symptoms, it will help you in detecting STD, but we recommend you to attend a medical examination. Therefore, for sexually active people we suggest to undergo a health check every year.

Please follow this link to check the detailed list of STDs with relevant symptoms.

STD Treatment

We are breaking the whole group of STDs into three categories:

1.    STDs caused by bacteria. We highly recommend antibiotics, if you have chlamydia, gonorrhea or syphilis. Usually one dose is enough to cure the disease, but we insist to complete a treatment course, sticking to it and complying with therapy schedule.

2.    STDs caused by parasites. If you have Trichomonas is which is leading to Trichomoniasis, we recommend antibiotics, anti-parasitic drugs or medicated shampoos.

3.    Viral STDs. This type of STD (including genital herpes, HIV, human papillomavirus, hepatitis B) cannot be taken care completely, but with combination therapy we can help keeping the virus under healthcare.

To treat STDs doctors suggest using pills and injections. Different creams or gels can be applied to irritations and sores.

When doctor diagnosed a case and prescribed a medicine, it’s important to inform your partner and to ask him/her to undergo the check-up. STDs often run symptomless which it’s easy to contract from other people and out of sight through ***. We insist to abstain from sexually promiscuous until the treatment is over and receiving negative medical test results.