Why consider cork tiles

Nowadays, people have many options when it comes to flooring and it is worth looking into and finding the right option for you. Cork tiles have many advantages. For starters; they are renewable and natural, as cork is harvested from cork oak trees. Cork flooring has been used in many locations for many years and it is starting to gain popularity because of its great features, including durability, aesthetics and being an eco-friendly alternative.

It is not every day that a person gets to change the flooring in their home, and when the time comes, different aspects have to be considered in order to make the right decision. First of all, durability is one of the main concerns and cork tiles are highly durable, as the product is resistant to abrasions and cracking, and not affected by liquids. It is always frustrating when furniture is moved around, and the floor gets scratched, however, this will not happen with cork flooring, as the floor bounces back and any marks will soon fade away.

What many people have to consider is how healthy a floor really is. If mold gets inside the house, it is highly dangerous and some floors conceal it perfectly. Cork flooring is healthy from this point of view as it’s natural and resistant to mold and even termites and mildew. The indoor air quality will also be higher, as cork tiles are anti-microbial. This is suitable for families with children as there are no risks.

Cork flooring is also fire-resistant, thereby increasing home safety. In the unfortunate case of a fire, cork tiles will simply melt or without generate a lot of smoke, thereby releasing less toxic material. What most people appreciate about this flooring option is its comfort. Cork is naturally warm and provides a cushion and less impact. Also, being a natural insulator, it is quiet and retains heat.

One can easily find many variations of colors, sizes and designs for a cork floor which come in planks or tiles and in many sizes. It can easily be adapted for each room inside the house and can be highly personalized by choosing to have the floor in a single color, or alternating tiles and create a more interesting design.

Do you want to find out more about cork tiles? Don’t hesitate about cork flooring and how you can benefit from its features.

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