Media Monitoring – Print Media News at your Desk at 7 am, 7 Days a Week

Indore: Media Monitoring at present has changed the way of corporate communication and search of important information through radio, television, digital and social media. It benefits business analysis, strategy creation, competitive market analysis, monitoring of media content etc. Thus media monitoring is becoming a need for all businesses. Justtrack track news on your brands, competitors, area of work, area of interest appearing in print media.


Managing Information Overload: A newspaper publishes 10,000 news and other items such as tenders every month. How do you find a few relevant news items published in  mainstream newspapers and magazines in India? Justtrack service helps you manage news information overload.


Critical Information: In the age of internet, Print media remains the primary source of professionally-generated content. What appears in print media today gets repeated on internet websites and social media. Justtrack provides you that critical information.


Coverage: A team of 75+ professionals provides its customers 24X7 services through 16 TV channels, more than 150 online portals and blogs, more than 476 e-papers, more than 60 newspapers and business magazines being published from 46 cities of 18 states.


Data Collection:

  • Continuously monitor websites and download ePapers when available.
  • Get ePapers on subscription-only websites.
  • When ePapers are not available, get scans of newspapers by manually buying the publication and physically scanning it.


Data Processing:

Cut the publication and extract individual news items, advertisements and other pieces of content.


Data Selection ,Prioritisation ,Deliverables: Organise data, Preview headlines, PDF images, PDF clippings , Image scans, you get headline and a small extract. The items are organised into logical sections. Items within each section are grouped by news event.


Delivery Channels:

Web Downloads- We give users a special log in ID and password on our portal so as to enable them download and share media articles for analysis with their stakeholders.

Email- You can get email attachments. The email can be sent to a large number of addresses.


For more information, Contact:

Ujjain Singh