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Indore: In today’s , 24/7 communications environment we recognise that you need to keep on top of your coverage and profile across social media as well as mainstream news. Justtrack monitors every channel. From national and regional newspapers to business and consumer press, from online news portals to Twitter and forums, from national TV to regional radio stations, our coverage is comprehensive.


Media monitoring and tracking has become a necessity for all businesses whether small or big. Media monitoring is playing a crucial role in communication strategy in every field.  ‘Justtrack’, has been helping its customers in media monitoring and tracking for 5 years. Justtrack provides your news in real time. Our media monitoring and analytics team of justtrack integrates mainstream news in a single timeline, enabling users to more quickly and easily identify and share relevant contacts, coverage, analysis and insights. Clients can quickly identify the influencers they need to reach, the impact of media and what is driving their coverage and profile. All in real time. This makes it easier to identify trends and themes and share the relevant analysis and insight.


Justtrack enables comprehensive, relevant, immediate news monitoring for the clients. Our service is based on our own software we create subscriptions for every customer specific to his own requirement and goal, combined with the knowledge of our specialist media teams who can provide expert guidance on what to monitor and review coverage to meet clients exact requirements, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can deliver the news as it breaks or at times that are convenient. Efficient news deliverables options makes justtrack extra efficient.


A team of 75+ professionals provides its customers 24X7 services through 16 TV channels, more than 150 online portals and blogs, more than 476 e-papers, more than 60 newspapers and business magazines being published from 35 cities of 14 states.


With more than 550 publications, 150 India specific websites and 16 news channels, we at present keep an eye on more than 750 companies, 136 industries and government policies and news and provide regular update at 7 am i.e. at the time of morning tea. We give users a special log in ID and password on our portal so as to enable them download and share media articles for analysis with their stakeholders.



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