“How African-American Professional Males Can Save Our Sons”

The racial tensions continue to surge during this summer. This left the African American parents wondering about the future of their sons, whether they will be killed by the police or by other African Americans. In the African-American community, our male youth are faced with many challenges that they must overcome in order to become productive citizens. In many communities, African-American professionals have done well and have achieved significant power and influences. Sadly, many professionals have forgotten about the struggle and challenges that many young males face in underserved communities. STEAMI Summer Institute is a great way that African-American professionals can get involve with at-risk youth in the community.

KNOXVILLE, TN, June 23, 2017 – The African-American Community is facing many crisis and their plight in America is troubling. In fact, they are leading in every negative performance indicator, such as school drop-out and unemployment rates in the nation. Two authors argue that more involvement of African-American Males can make a difference especially as we turn our attention to Father’s Day.

Memphis native Reggie Jenkins is the founder and director of UUNIK Academy in Knoxville. He created UUNIK Academy as a way of teaching young African-American boys the Rites of Passage. He has worked on various programs including tutoring to serve the youth needs. In June, UUNIK Academy kicks off its first annual STEAMI Summer Institute.

Photo: Reggie Jenkins involved with teaching the underprivileged African-American young boys

STEAMI Summer Institute is an initiative that will address the academic problems that plague African American male youth in Knoxville. STEAMI (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math Innovation) will expose the targeted youth to STEAM related learning and careers.

Jenkins explains, “Our initial goal is to reach 20 African-American males, ranging in ages from 6 years to 12 years, in the Knoxville community. Subjects will include language arts, computer science, life skills, goal setting, arts, financial literacy and math enrichment.” The program runs from June 5th and end on July 28th.
The director also explains about the high suspension rates and poor academic performances amongst African American male youth. This typically leads to higher incarceration rates within the same group which costs the taxpayer $19,000 per prisoner. STEAMI is an effort to cure the academic and discipline problems of African -American youth.

Photo: Dr. Green discusses problem solving and innovation with STEAMI participants.

Jenkins adds, “The STEAMI Initiative is aimed at providing quality and focused education to the young participants. It will not only address their basic educational needs but will also provide train them to be disciplined and tolerant members of the society. This will help them to make positive contributions to the community

Photo: Director Reggie Jenkins
Dr. Daryl Green’s video Saving Our Sons can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lH7L6DJHRXo:

To get more information about UUNIK Academy, STEAMI Summer Institute, or make donations, contact Reggie Jenkins at UUNIK Academy Organization Information: P.O. Box 5872. Knoxville, TN 37928 865-384-4475 www.UUNIKAcademy.org · facebook.com/UUNIK.Academy

About Dr. Daryl D. Green
Dr. Daryl D. Green is an award-winning author and researcher. He is the Dickinson Chair at the Oklahoma Baptist University. Dr. Green writes a syndicated online column and blog. Moreover, he has been quoted in major media outlets, including USA Today, Associated Press, Ebony, and BET. In 2016, he retired from the federal government as a senior program manager. Dr. Green has spent more than 20 years helping organizations and thousands of individuals make good decisions through his lectures, seminars, and columns.

About UUNIK Academy, Inc.:
In 2003, Reggie Jenkins founded UNIK (‘unique’). Youth, ages 10-17, have activities which include academics, leadership and life skill enrichment. The organization provides transportation as well as meals for participants.
UUNIK is an acronym that encompasses 5 of the 7 principles of Kwanzaa (Nguzo Saba): Umoja – Unity, Ujaama – Collective economics, Nia – Purpose, Imani – Faith, and Kujichagulia – Self Determination. For more information, go to UUNIK Academy’s website at Website:http://uunikacademy.org/.

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