Prorack Roof-Racks Install With Smart-Foot Technology

Prorack Roof-RacksEvery Prorack roof rack comes equipped with Smartfoot Technology. This unique patented technology allows the roof rack to be adopted to any vehicle – all that is required is the mounting kit for the new vehicle.

Generally, roof racks are built to suit only one mount type so buying another car almost invariably meant buying a whole new roof rack. The Prorack on the other hand has separate roof rack body mounting system.

You buy the mounting system that is suitable to your vehicle and nature of requirement. The patented design mounting system simply plugs in from the bottom and turns your roof rack into a completely new system merely for the cost of a mounting kit. There’s a mounting kit for every type of vehicle sold in Australia. This makes the Prorack roof racks with its smart-foot technology, the most versatile roof rack in Australia.

So irrespective of whether your vehicle has fixed points for mounting a roof rack or clamp mount or gutters, there’s a smart-foot mounting kit available for it.

Prorack S-Wing

No other roof bar comes even close to offering the features available with a Prorack S-Wing roof rack. In a Prorack S-Wing roof rack, the locks come standard, then there’s the universal t-slot loading system for all your accessories and of course there’s the unique Prorack Smartfoot technology that makes your roof rack totally adoptable to any vehicle. With its stunning good looks, the Prorack S-Wing is truly the world’s most beautiful, most adaptable and best behaved roof rack.

The different types of roof racks include:

1. Rail Bar – For vehicles with Rails
2. Flush Bar – Highly Compact & Stylish meant for premium segment cars
3. Through Bar – For the Tradesman because it carries more gear

Smart-foot technology mounting kit options:

1. Track Mount,
2. Fixed Point Mount,
3. Gutter Mount,
4. Flush Rail Mount and,
5. Permanent Mount

The P-Bar from Prorack for outstanding quality and value! It feaures:

1. Robust Dependability
2. Fits most vehicles
3. Through bar only (price includes fitting kit)
4. 75 kg (max)* load rating
5. Adaptable Prorack Smartfoot
6. Locks as standard

Prorack Heavy Duty roof racks are uniquely built to carry heavy loads with ease. The prorack HD come with tough aluminium profile and a universal channel to accept many heavy duty Whispbar Roof Rack Accessories. The Prorack HD Inlay Technology protects the bar and the load to give these heavy duty roof racks maximum load carrying capacity.

The Prorack HD heavy duty roof rack was design keeping the user in mind. Loaded with features these bars include:

1. Built-in tie down point
2. Rubber inlay technology that cleverly leaves the t-slot exposed for constant use
3. Despite exposure of the bar, the rubber inlay protects the bar and keeps it quiet.

As with all other Prorack roof racks, the Prorack Ski Carriers HD too comes with the legendary Prorack Smartfoot™ technology. Also, the Prorack HD roof racks come fully assembled.

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