Tongue Cancer Check and Treatment

Tongue cancer is a type of oral cancer that forms depending on the position of tongue i.e. oral tongue or base of tongue. About 75% of the tongue cancer happens in oral part of tongue. The most common type of tongue cancer is Squamous cell carcinoma of tongue.

Causes: people having habit of smoking cigarettes, bidis, pipe, cigar, hookah, chewing of tobacco etc. are at risk of evolving cancer than non-smokers. Even people having long term alcohol consumption along with tobacco and smoking increases the risk of having cancer.

Contamination like Human Papillomavirus is related with risk of tongue cancer. HPV is existing in the inside layer of oral cavity, anus and cervix, Other type of causes is poor oral hygiene, inappropriate denture and sharp teeth endorse tongue cancer. Unceasing irritation owing to sharp teeth results in non-healing ulcer that can go into tumours.

Symptoms: the symptoms for tongue cancer are very general which may turn into some other disease but it is better to go to any ENT specialist or a dentist to rule out any possibility. The few symptoms includes lumps or thickening of tongue or lips, ulcers, red or whites patch on the tongue, pain or difficulty in swallowing, pain and swelling in throat or mouth. If any of these symptoms happen on a regular basis, consult to a doctor and get treatment for the same.

Treatment:tongue cancer is common than oral cavity cancer. In cases if doctors are incapable to find any oddities in the reports and you may continue to suffer from regular aphthae in mouth or tongue, you are unable to intake spicy salty foods due to increased sensitivity of the tongue; any pain or exertion in swallowing can be treated by anyMumbai Tongue Cancer Hospitality. Many centres in Mumbai Tongue Cancer Treatment is based on Immunotherapy that helps to give you relief in suffering and prevent the of tongue cancer in future. It helps to increase the immune system of the body so that the body itself can fight the disease and prevents tongue cancer further. Mumbai Laser Cancer Treatment is treating with good response ad success at any stage of tongue cancer.

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