Residence permit in Ukraine

A residence permit in Ukraine is the right of a person who does not have the citizenship of a given country, is on its territory, which is regulated by the Ukrainian legislation. This right is registered in the Law of Ukraine.
How can I get a residence permit in Ukraine?
In order to immigrate to Ukraine, according to all laws, stateless persons are required to file a request for permission to immigrate. And in the event that the answer to the request is positive, you need to obtain a document for permanent residence (permanent residence) in Ukraine, or a residence permit in Ukraine for the required period.
There are both permanent and temporary residency permits. Everything should be well considered, since the systematics of immigration is very complex. In order to ensure that the entire system has been properly developed, and there were no unnecessary questions, it is best to contact specialists in this field. This approach will reduce bureaucratic lawsuits, eliminating any errors in the documents.
Who can obtain a residence permit in Ukraine?
But, there are circumstances in which a foreigner or a foreigner should take a temporary residence permit:
• Moving to the country to relatives who have the citizenship of Ukraine or residence permit;
• a foreigner or a foreigner is married to a citizen or citizen of Ukraine;
• officially registered employment in any Ukrainian company;
• Obtaining education by a resident of a foreign country in any of the universities of Ukraine;
In case of presence of at least one of these factors, a foreigner or a foreigner has the right to receive temporary residence in the territory of Ukraine. Since the temporary residence permits, it only takes one year, it needs to be extended in a timely manner. If something has changed, the species is not renewed, so a foreigner, or a foreigner, undertakes to leave the country.

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