Contact: Michael Freudenberger, CEO
Date: June 7, 2017

Phone: 0049-163 69 68 003


GrowWeedSimply, a Germany-based cannabis lifestyle brand, today announced the release of
their new product, the Outdoor Grow Kit. The revolutionary new product combines a barrel with
built-in hygrometer for cannabis curing with various tools that make the first-time cannabis
growing process simple and stress-free. As well as that, animations and short videos guide users
through each step of the process from the germination of the seeds to the harvesting of the buds,
giving them exactly the information they need at every stage of their growth.

CEO Michael Freudenberger says: “This product has been designed specially for first-time
growers. What we’ve noticed so far is that young people from all over the world have an interest
in growing cannabis. It is not that they depend on cannabis and as a result want to grow their
own; it’s much more about discovering a new fun-activity for themselves and their friends. They
want to watch their plants grow and document and share the experience. They want to engage
more with nature, spend time with friends in real-life and less with conventional social media
platforms and their Facebook feed. They want to master a new challenge and involve their friends
along the way.”

Today offerings for learning about cannabis growing are plentiful: specialist books, YouTube
videos, online forums or simply asking friends for advice. However, there has never been an allin-
one solution aimed at beginners that blends the latest digital learning trends with tools that
make execution quick and easy. With the Outdoor Grow Kit, the barrier to produce one’s own
high-quality cannabis has been lowered significantly. Now anyone can do it. It has never been

Following the harvest of one’s home grown plants, the grower has completed the first part of the
project successfully. Now the curing process follows – an 8-week process during which water is
extracted from the buds, chlorophyll is broken down, and aroma as well as THC is increased.
That’s when the pine wood barrel is utilized. With the built-in hygrometer, it’s easy to control the
humidity throughout the curing process. As the humidity is kept within a certain range (55%-65%),
the wood continuously absorbs and emits moisture. The result is supreme quality cannabis that
would have been never achieved without the barrel, even if someone should get the growth of the
plants right. At the same time, the barrel is also an interior design object perfect for storing
cannabis in the living room or elsewhere.

There are product variations for the barrel including multiple types of wood, with digital or
analogue hygrometer and in different sizes for different layers of progress.
The kit is €99 and includes a free seed coupon booklet that gives a 20% discount on selected

The Outdoor Grow Kit is available niw from retailers in Austria, the Netherlands, and Spain as
well as through the online shop at

GrowWeedSimply e.U.
71686 Remseck
phone: 0049-163 69 68 003
fax: 0049 3222 2488287

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