Sell ‘n STAY Inc. Announces Breakthrough Training Program Now Available to U.S. Realtors® for Only $375 US

Sell ‘n STAY Inc. Announces Breakthrough Training Program Now Available to U.S. Realtors® for Only $375 US

Sell ‘n STAY Inc. is a true win-win – a trademarked real estate program where both Realtors® and homeowners can mutually benefit. After great success in Canada, the company recently announced that they are now offering this specialized training to U.S.-based Realtors®. In addition to exclusive access to all Sell ‘n STAY™ tools and materials, each Realtor® will receive leads in their protected territories.
June 15, 2017

When homeowners are faced with unforeseeable financial challenges they are often forced to make difficult decisions. Their choices range from selling their beloved homes and moving into unfamiliar spaces, to taking on additional debt through lines of credit or Reverse Mortgages. Canadian-based real estate program Sell ‘n STAY™ has delivered a solution to many of these issues with a trademarked system that outperforms lines of credit and Reverse Mortgages across major key metrics, while delivering Realtors® a huge opportunity to boost their performance. After realizing great success partnering with 30 Canadian Realtors®, Sell ‘n STAY Inc.

Founder and CEO, Saskia Wijngaard, recently announced that they are expanding across North America and offering this training program to U.S. Realtors® for only $375 US. The training is open to all registered sales representatives, regardless of their brokerage affiliation.

“I created this program for Seniors, and it has now evolved into an amazing program for all ages, and circumstances,” commented Wijngaard about the Sell ‘n STAY™ program. “When you love where you live it is comforting to know there is a solution to temporary financial problems that allows you to STAY in your home without taking on incremental debt and being charged interest. Wouldn’t it be nice to be ‘In the Black’ again?”
COO of the company, Theresa Baird, added, “We are very excited to introduce this program to Realtors® on both sides of the border. This program creates a niche market for Realtors® looking to standout in their marketplaces. We look forward to bringing Realtors® across North America on board this amazing program and all that it offers.”

Research has determined that only 2% of homeowners are interested in moving in any given year. As an Associate Member of the Sell ‘n STAY™ program, you will be trained to target the other 98%. These include the original focus of the program – Seniors, plus retirees, entrepreneurs, the widowed, divorcees, unemployed, persons who want to capitalize on locking in their gains and persons in debt – clearly, a very wide cross-section of the population. The long term contracts deliver a very predictable return on investment, first class tenants and true “turnkey” streams of passive income.

In addition to looking for quality Realtors® to train in the program, Sell ‘n STAY Inc. is also opening opportunities, currently not being offered on the public market, to the investment community.

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