How to Take Backup from cPanel & Restore a Complete Website

Do you dread some form of disaster that will destroy all your website data? It is essential to use cPanel backup to restore your website and its data to avoid such situation. It is common nowadays to find that websites have suffered cyber attacks and causing a hard drive failure which could mean losing your accounts if you don’t have proper backups in place.

Jetapps is the leading provider of cPanel manual backup that is a proactive way of protecting your online business and actively taking website backups. If you run your website under a cPanel hosting control panel, you are fortunate as the process is relatively easy. It is necessary to use the ‘home directory backup’ option not the ‘full backup’ option that you can download from your cPanel control panel. Usually the ‘full backup’ option is mainly for your hosting provider to recover your account and doesn’t really help if you just need to restore selected files. Moreover it is the job of your hosting provider to restore a ‘full backup’.

How To Take Backup From cPanel is often asked question and for this it is highly recommend that you use the ‘home directory backup’ option, since it gathers up all your emails, files, statistics, everything you need, and enables you to restore it on your own. Ensure that you have downloaded your databases separately alongside your home directory backup.

cPanel Backup Email is a feature provided by Jetapps for people looking to back up and transfer their websites conveniently. The cPanel’s backup ability – a website backup software is present right there in your control panel to address your website backup needs. To handle any server crashes, server breakdowns and other such unfortunate incidents it is possible to protect your site from risk of malfunctions attacks and system failures.

Jet Apps provides full website backup through cPanel backup with complete security.

About JetApps:

JetApps is the leading backup solution, or rather backup manager, for cPanel that allows users to back up their cPanel account quickly and efficiently through cPanel remote or local incremental backups, as well as other backup modules. JetApps is cPanel application that has proved to be of great benefit to all users.

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