Deluxe Tours Egypt Offers Amazing Tour Packages at Their 20th Anniversary

Deluxe Tours Egypt is an Egyptian tourism company that organizes different types of tours to let people explore the diverse culture and beautiful sights of the country closely. The company has been around for 20 years now and during the celebration of their 20th anniversary, Deluxe tours have offered some high-end tour packages in exchange of very nominal amounts of money. The best part about the tours offered by the company is the fact that every one of them is customized to suit the requirements of the tourists.

In case someone is interested in seeing Egypt through a closer look, now is the time to plan a tour; as the quality of services offered by the company at these rates could never be beaten by any other tour package offered by any other company. Deluxe tours offers a variety of tour packages designed to explore different areas of Egypt. But the most popular ones in this regard include the grand tour of Egypt, NileCruises and the CairoNileCruise by plane. The packages start from a nominal price of around 690 USD for a tour of 7 nights and 8 days. The basic theme for these packages is pretty much the same, but it might be customized according to the preference of the participants.

With 20 years of experience in this field, they have claimed to make customer satisfaction their primary priority. That’s the reason why majority of the tourists end up having a great time during their Egypttour. All the tours offered by the company are 100% tailor-made. They allow the participants to design their own tour while figuring out the amount of time they would like to to spend at a place, their preferred type of accommodation and all the other requirements that might affect the quality of their visit. In addition to this, the tourism experts working at the company usually offer their help to the clients in order to make the best possible choices when it comes to customizing a tour.

As discussed above, deluxe tours have been around for almost 20 years now. Throughout their business years, they have managed to stay in the spotlight by offering a variety of compelling deals to tourists coming to Egypt from all across the world. But on their 20th anniversary, they have overruled all their former deals by setting the bar too high when it comes to exceptional services at incredibly low rates. However,these rates are expected to remain unchanged for a limited period of time.

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact:
Deluxe Tours Egypt
2, 6th October Str.,
Pyramids, Giza, 12561

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