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Now you can get answers to your common questions pertaining to wisdom teeth removal at Dr. Sam Khoury’s clinic in West Chester PA. Since having a tooth removed is a very common yet scary dental procedure, it is natural for some patients to feel overwhelmed. Dr. Sam Khoury provides wisdom teeth West Chester PA treatment with expertise and is highly experienced in performing wisdom teeth extractions and other types of oral surgeries. The team at Dental Implant & Periodontal Surgeons, P.C. is skilled at helping patients navigate their way through the procedures.

Not everybody needs to have their third molars extracted and thus do not require Oral Surgery Wilmington DE. Patients at Dr. Sam’s clinic are told that some teeth come into the dental arch fully and in line with the other teeth, if they pose no issues you must leave them alone.

If your Periodontist Chadds Ford PA recommends that you remove the teeth, it is a good idea to take care of the problem before major problems occur. If your wisdom teeth are positioned correctly there is no need to remove them, however if they don’t leave enough room your Oral Surgeon Chadds Ford PA will recommend removal.

When you can’t properly brush and floss your wisdom teeth, you’re at a greater risk for other dental problems such as tooth decay and Gum Disease West Chester PA.

Dr. Sam Khoury offers advanced treatment for patients who have suffered tooth loss and are facing issues when it comes to tooth replacement. Dr. Sam Khoury is a Dental Implants Wilmington DE specialist and provides them as the most comfortable, reliable and aesthetically viable solution.

Dental implants at Dental Implant & Periodontal Surgeons, P.C. are considered by far the best restorative option for tooth loss and are considered the most comfortable and functional tooth replacement option as they look, feel and function like natural teeth.

All on Four West Chester PA as an advanced dental surgery is provided by team of Dr. Sam Khoury using specifically designed dental implants to provide strong anchors for your replacement teeth.

About Dr. Sam Khoury:

Dr. Sam Khoury DDS MS Periodontist in Yardley PA and Board-Certified dentist by the American Board of Periodontology has extensive experience in the field of cosmetic dental work. He is dedicated to patient satisfaction. He along with his dedicated team provides personalized dental care for sufferers across the nation.


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