5 Important Questions To Ask Your Supplier of Office Trailers for Rent in Ontario

Renting a mobile office trailer is no joke, as it directly involves the future of your business. One mistake could lead to unpleasant results, something you don’t want to experience or happen. This is where asking the right questions to your supplier plays a huge role. It just helps you decide which way to go.

How much would you charge for the delivery alone?

It holds true that there are tons of suppliers for office trailers for rent in Ontario. This is why, in one way or another, choosing the right one is no easy task. But part of the process is asking the supplier about their delivery charge. Why? That’s because from here, you’ll get a ballpark idea of how much you’ll be spending. This goes the same with the money you’ll use for those new and used office trailer equipment for sale in Ontario.

Where do you source these trailers?

This question here can actually be tricky for suppliers. Some of them are just not comfortable opening up when it comes to such area of their business. However, there are still those who won’t have second thoughts doing so. Just remember that every trailer, regardless of size and whatnot, has its own story. It lets you understand what sort of things it already undergone. For instance, you may want to know if it went a severe damage or heavy repairs. Or perhaps, you’ll get an idea of how many miles it has already travelled. This is as important as looking for the right new and used office trailer equipment for sale in Ontario.

What options are you giving me?

Keep in mind that most, if not all, suppliers have a lot of trailers to offer, be it new or used. Nonetheless, there’s a certain monthly quota that they have to reach or obtain for a certain type. Here, you may want to know the options you have in terms of availability, price and specs difference, among others. You’ll never know, but you may just land a trailer that’s quite good for the price.

Does a permit need to be in place first?

This one here heavily relies on the location where you want your mobile office trailer to be situated. Don’t forget that the law varies differently, in terms of permits, in each place; hence you need to have a full understanding of this. A good supplier know which area requires a permit or not. In fact, they are even willing to do the legwork just to get your trust and, of course, money. This goes the same with the new and used office trailer equipment for sale in Ontario.

What hours are you available?

Believe it or not, but this is actually a very important question to ask. You just never know what possible things could happen between you and your trailer. For instance, in the middle of the day, your AC goes down; obviously, you’ll see help from your supplier. This is why know which time(s) of the day they’re likely to respond. That way, you have an upper-hand to whatever eerie situation may happen. This, in particular, is the most important question you need to ask your supplier of mobile office trailers for rent in Ontario.

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