24 Hour Home Care – Is It a Great Idea?

Even though many will tell you that investing in 24 hour home care is the best possible idea you could have to ensure that your loved one benefits from all the help he or she needs, you should know that the reality is completely different. If you would like to ensure that your parent can still enjoy a bit of independence and feel great in their own home, it would be much better if you looked into live-in care. The best part about this second option is the fact that it is much more affordable than the first.

Maybe the financial option is not something that worries you and all you can think about is making sure that your parent will always have someone by his or her side, regardless if it is day or night. However, 24 hour home care can be a bit too much for elderly individuals that just prefer to continue enjoying the life they are used to and even benefit from a bit of alone time every now and then.

That is not possible if you opt for 24 hour home care because there will always be a care assistant keeping an eye on your loved one. Well, if you were to rely in live-in care, the situation would be much better. That is because of the fact that the care assistant would be able to do most house chores and help your loved one with basic tasks such as eating or getting dressed while offering them the company that they need. If your parent wants to spend some time on their own, the assistant will respect their wishes.

One of the main differences between live-in care and opting for the 24 hour care solution is the fact that your parent will only need to get used to one or maybe two different assistants that will offer them the help they require. The second option is the one where three or four different people will come into the house of your loved one. Of course, they will not do it at once. But, every time an eight hour shift is over, another assistant will come to replace the first. Then the second will be replaced by someone else and so on.

Having so many strangers in their home will make your parent feel incredibly uncomfortable. It would be much better if you hire a qualified professional that can actually live with your loved one a few days per week. This individual will work two eight hours shifts and after that will have eight hours for themselves, when they can sleep and just relax on their own. Live-in help is the best way to go!

As you can clearly see,  Live-in care    is a much better option than  24 hour home care  , which is why you should consider contacting our agency. This way, you can begin the process of finding and picking the best possible care provider that will ensure your loved one is in good hands!

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