Timberland boots pro are sturdy yet stylish

Timberland boots pro are not only about a sturdy pair of shoes, it is also about style. If you wish to give a makeover to your wardrobe for work clothes and jazz that up with an extremely sturdy and stylish pair of boots let it be Timberland. I don’t have any intention of offending diehard Doc Martens fans because today I am going to explore some of the coolest, stylish DM pairs as well. When it comes to creating the right impression at the workplace both the manufacturers have a lot to offer.
Nobody still keeps the idea of stocking ‘boring’ officewear when they have huge options to choose from on shirts, trousers, suits, accessories like laptop case, backpack etc. But, wait, are we forgetting something? Yes, of course it is shoes/boots/sneakers, whatever you need. One would surely need sensible work shoes and Timberland boots pro would score high on the style quotient. They have wide range of boots that add attitude and style to any ordinary outfit and will leave a permanent impression on the onlookers. The attitude would spell out loudly that you take your job seriously not compromising on comfort and style. For example, Willoughby waterproof boots from the range of Timberland boots pro not only look good but also feel good and you can wear them to a meeting and head straight into the winter night chill out party. When you tell your friends at the party that the boots have many components made of recycled polyethylene therephthalate it will show your concern for the environment.
As promised, it is now time to explore some Doc Martens stylish pairs and my today’s pick is Cherry Red Gabe Arcadia from their Lite shoes series. It has the traditional wingtip design and 5-eye style. Since, shine is back in fashion, everyone is talking about Doc Martens these new series. The high-shine, Arcadia leather finish in classic 2-tone rub off shades created the contrasting effects, particularly in the toe area. The SoftWair technology of these Lite shoes make them extremely comfortable to wear without tiring your limbs.
Coming back to Timberland boots pro we have some more features of the boots to discuss now. These boots are meant for rigorous use and not only protect you in your work environment (that may involve corrosive chemicals, acids, electrical and heavy equipments, oily or slippery surfaces and what not) but keep your feet nicely shielded from wet weather and cold commute. First time Doc Martens users may not be aware of the fact that these shoes take a while to conform to the shape of your feet. Initially they may feel a bit stiff but once broken in, these are simply fantastic. The cushioned footbed and comfortable inner sole make it a regular wear.
So, I am a bit indecisive on suggesting the ultimate pair of work boot/shoes while comparing Timberland boots pro and Doc Martens and leave it to you to form your own verdict. These days, online shops are the best place to shop for shoes because, honestly, no one has time to visit a store, wait for an attendant to bring one pair and then the next and so on. Know your size, choose your pair, pay up and have it shipped for free. Any complaint and you can exchange it easily.

Doc Martens and Timberland boots pro shoes and other leading brands can be best bought online.

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