“The Spice Islands”

For centuries the Indonesian archipelago, a majestic chain of lush green islands and vast canvas of paradise has captivated countless seamen in their voyage for the new world, exotic spices, mythical creatures, and triumph. As nutmegs, cloves and cubeb pepper astronomically priced for its believed medicines and magic potions, successive waves of European drawn to this part of the world sought to dominate the spice trade.

As we celebrate our Independence Day, come and join us for the 3rd Annual Indonesian Street Festival (ISF) 2017 in Manhattan, experience the sights, sounds and smells of the largest archipelago on earth. The ISF 2017 will have more performances, more food, more Indonesian cultures, more laughs, more tastes, and definitely more fun than ever. “The Spice Islands” will be this year theme, in conjunction with 350 Years of Breda Treaty between England and Netherland that concluded “The Publication of the Peace between England and the United Netherland”. Through this, the Dutch ceded control over New Amsterdam (New York) to England for a tiny island of Run (now part of Banda Archipelago in Indonesia) which is rich in Nutmegs, a spice which one wieghed in gold.


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