How to increase life of your Doc Martens boots?

Once you become a proud owner of a Dr Martens boot, you would certainly like to know how to maintain the boots for better longevity. Though Doc Martens boots are very high on durability but a little care will go a long way to extend its life span. Before getting into how to, here are the list of things that are required – polish brush with soft bristles, sponge, lint free cloth, old toothbrush thoroughly cleaned, warm water, leather conditioner and colored polish to match the color of your boots. Before you start cleaning or polishing the boots, it will be a good practice to spread some old newspapers so that you don’t damage the surface with colored polish.
The first step would be to unlace your Dr Martens boots. After that, check if laces are in proper condition or they have started to fray. Also assess if the laces are needed to be replaced or may be used for some more time. In case it needs replacement, you may get that from your nearby Doc Martens store or from any online store selling shoe accessories. A new lace will bring new life and bring the vibrancy back to your old boots. Also, while buying the new lace please don’t forget to carry the old lace to check the length and color of the original lace.
The second step would be to moist the sponge with warm water to clean the leather surface of the Dr Martens boots. Make sure to remove the mud from the surface as the warm water will soften the mud making it easier to clean. You should give particular attention to creases and stitches as any particle remaining in the stitches will shorten the lifespan of the Doc Martens boots significantly. If you find dried mud between the layers of leather that is difficult to clean with sponge or cloth, use the toothbrush. Press the brush edge to loosen the mud and then to remove it. Once you remove mud and dirt, clean it once again with sponge or cloth.
The next step would be to take thumbnail sized polish in the bristle of the polish brush. You can also use your hands to put polish on the Dr Martens boot and then use brush to rub on to leather. Once completed, keep the boot in place where it can be kept untouched and may continue with the other Doc Martens boot.
After the second boot is done, pick up the first Dr Martens boot that was treated earlier and start buffing with the polish brush. Please don’t press too hard as it may damage the surface. Please follow a quick sweeping movement while buffing. As you buff, you will find the shine coming through and it will get shinier as you continue to buff. Depending on the level of shine required, you may repeat polishing and buffing steps for 3 to 4 times. After you get desired level of shine, use the lint free cloth in sweeping motion to remove surface polish. You can now put the laces back on your Doc Martens boots and you are ready to go.

Many products from Doc Martens come with a life-time guarantee. The better you care for your Dr Martens the more it stays with you.

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