ASL300/RC-30 Loses power when digging.

Hello all,
This is my first post, so many apologies in advance.
My Polaris ASL 300 which I have been told is the same machine now as the RC-30, is that correct? Well, I have had it for about 7 years and really can’t complain, I have two buckets and a backhoe attachment, which digs wonderfully, usually.
Recently, the machine started giving me this issue. I start it as usual. Warm day, start it up, let it idle for a bit while I get things lined out to dig. But now, everytime I start to use the hydraulics to operate the bucket, either the backhoe, or just the regular scoop bucket, it causes the engine to start idling down. And if I put too much of a load or strain on it, it will even stall out the engine. Now I can coax it along and get it to dig, but not well. Also, as I am driving across the lot, if I am moving along, and put too much into the steering, it will cause the engine to slow down. Any amount of use on the hydraulics causes the engine to idle down.




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