Four Components of a Successful Travel Risk Management Plan

Are you planning to travel to the Middle East or Africa? One thing that you cannot afford to leave out of the duty of care requirement is a comprehensive risk management plan. Every other day, news of terror attacks, abduction by terror groups, natural disasters, and other tragedies are always in the headlines.  

To be assured of total safety especially when traveling for an extended stay, it is prudent to draw a comprehensive travel risk management plan. Here are the main components to include in your travel risk management plan.

Ground truth

It is cautious to get the threat overview for all travel destinations. This includes country risk reports, intelligence assessment feedbacks, and other briefings that help to give the ‘ground truth.

It is very critical to work with a professional firm that can gather these details promptly, analyze them urgently, and give timely updates. Expert firms such as Lyon Risk Management ensure that all the update reports are easy to read and act upon for better security.

Basic security training

The security of your staff traveling to Africa can be greatly enhanced by equipping every individual with appropriate tools and knowledge on identifying and mitigating threats. These include security awareness, use of appropriate tools, and operating as a team.

Pre-travel briefing

Before starting on your journey, it is important to get a briefing about the areas of travel. This makes all the traveling parties to be cognizant of the environment they are getting into. This helps to open their eyes with a special focus on the main threats.


The response is a crucial component of a good travel risk management plan. In the event of a security emergency, the plan should have a prompt response component to reach institutions of help. Depending on the location and nature of the emergency response units, it might be advisable to work with private institutions.

To make the response more effective, you need to ensure that communication is effective and emergency evacuation ready within minutes of a distress call. Expert firms such as Lyon Risk Management also encourage travelers to plan for in-situ hibernation especially during hostile security situations. When it comes to traveling, the duty of care obligation demands that security is put first while everything else follows.

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