San Francisco food review – Crabs and more

June 06, 2017, San Francisco –This weekend was a long weekend. We wanted to have something notable, as it was 3-day-weekend. We went in the morning to 24-hour fitness for exercise. We took 2 classes of exercise in our fitness club, Dance, and Boot Camp for 2 hours, sweat some. We came home took a shower, relaxed, then call the restaurant for a reservation.

We’ve known this restaurant famous for Crabs. We decided to go to the restaurant since both of us love crabs. Even there are many culinary Food tours gift certificates that you can buy if on a budget trip.

“Crustacean” is a luxurious business setting and moderately expensive restaurant. My office colleagues took us to “Crustacean.”

Their advice is same as ours in their menu order, which is “Garlic Roasted Whole Crab.” From what San Franciscans are familiar with, they have a different kind of crab cooking. Crabs were boiled in seawater in Fisherman’s Wharf restaurants. The whole crab is roasted by this restaurant with a lot of oils and garlic.

It’s different and superb. The location of the restaurant is around the corner between Judah San Francisco. Downtown and 47th street, Inside, although outside doesn’t appear to be an excellent restaurant is clean and elegant. Of dining in Vietnam, my memory doesn’t tell me anything similar served in Vietnam. It could be Vietnamese food. Benihana style BBQ isn’t made in Japan, made in New York.

Eating some crab, or this crab, you cannot do anything other than keep eating before you finish the crab, as your hands and fingers will be full of meats, garlic, oil, and shells. You can’t pick up wine glasses or silvers. We spend there for half and two hours. It was dinner that is long, with not much conversation. For enjoying delicious foods, we don’t need many conversations. Japanese salespeople suggest that you would select a crab restaurant in the event you need to dine having a difficult customer.

If you have best Valentines Day trips in mind, let us know and we will make it memorable for you.

San Francisco’s entertainment caters to the residents of the city and allures tourists. The Herbst Theatre stages public radio’s City Arts & Lectures and a mix of musical performances. The Fillmore is a famous music venue, and it has fostered the San Francisco Sound with artists such as Janis Joplin, the Grateful Dead, and Jefferson Airplane.

The American Conservatory Theater routinely stages original productions. The city also hosts touring Broadway productions in some venues that are vintage in the Theater District including Curran, Orpheum, and Golden Gate Theatres.

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