Commercial Bridge Loans Provider Entire UK

Bridge Direct have today announced that they will continue to offer commercial bridge loans for any type of business requirement in the UK. Bridge Direct is aiming at these bridge loans to enable the borrower to release equity from existing properties, quickly and simply.

Many people falsely believe that bridge loans can only be used solely for property purchases. Historically this was true, however, the recent trend has seen bridge loans become frequently used for any kind of business requirement.

So, whether you are looking to try to fund a large tax bill, supplier invoice or even awaiting customer invoice payments. By using a bridge loan from Bridge Direct you could instantly free up from £30k to £500k. You could be looking to generate more income by developing a product or service further, but don’t have capital ready to finance such a venture. With a bridge loan development could begin immediately, allowing you to concentrate on the product and beat the competition to the punch!

Bridge Direct is helping businesses reach the next level with their bridge loan services. Bridge Direct have over 30 years’ experience and will assess each and every request on its own merit. You can reach the Bridge Direct team by calling them directly on 020 3126 4969.

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