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Every day we see an increasing number of negative social aspects, with sequels and immeasurable solutions of continuity in health, education and public safety.


We also see the self-indulgence of many people who, believing themselves to be invulnerable to every sinister, they avoid sharing, are always in a hurry, ignore collective collaboration and keep being selfish. Sadly, these inert people still share that maxim saying: “I pay my taxes and demand my rights.” It’s time to review your concepts. It’s time to see what happens on your street and in your neighborhood. There is a lot of activity that could improve people’s interaction and lives if each of them absorbed the spirit of volunteering, knowing that changing the world firstly depends on a small solitary and human attitude that is inside each of us, the first step, a small action! From a simple help for great efforts, you get spectacular results and the beneficiaries are everyone, whether they are children, young people, adults or the elderly.


Whoever still communes that the government is guilty of this or that, is seeing life passing by and does not fit in with the full citizenship between human beings. There are people who are able to spend hours walking around with dogs, but they do not offer to take the elderly on a sunny day to the closer square from home. They show solidarity with similar ones only at Christmas time and believe that they are increasing their credits with God to enter heaven after death. Now, it’s time to work the present. Living and acting in a group spirit, sharing and helping as much as possible. Near your home, there is a health post, a hospital, a school, a nursery. Why not help with one hour a day as a volunteer? There are so many ways to collaborate that you may be surprised when you see the interior of these premises, so lacking in everything, being technical works, goodwill or simply caring and humanization.


In the Institute of the Blind People, for example, anonymous volunteers record tapes of entire books, poems, short stories, chronicles, so that all the visually impaired can have a “hearing reading”. An exciting work because it provides a journey through the universe of imagination.


In hospitals that treat cancer in various parts of the country, the administrative record can be aided with a minimum of computer mastery, to help completing forms, for instance. Or helping in the kitchen, collecting donations, taking a word to the sick or just visiting patients in hospitals.


In nurseries, how about snacking on the kids once a day? Sharing the moment of the break and going back in time, so that the playful numbness that exists in each one of us blossoms again and produces in our metabolism the good endorphins of joy and happiness.


Retired and happy people in many parts of the country support suburban schools and there they teach children to play chess, checkers, dominoes, and to assemble delightful jigsaw puzzles. Those activities are the ones that make children and young people develop a good sense of fair play and know the true relationship of victory and defeat. The character is molded through the practice of reasoning. There are no impact attacks.


Volunteer actions make a lot of difference because they tighten bonds, rescue friendship, eliminate human vanity and bring people closer to the understanding that the good thing in life is to be and not to have.


For those who wish to find a place in volunteering or look for further information on the subject, Planeta Voluntários is a non-governmental non-partisan ecumenical network created in May 2009 with the vision of developing the culture of organized volunteer work, which takes the volunteer service to help millions of Brazilians and entities that need all kinds of help or even the immensity of help and assistance institutions in your city, which shall certainly be open to the collaboration and love that you are willing to give.


By Igor Dias da Silva – Social Responsibility Consultant and Specialist in Management of the Third Sector / Collaborator of Planeta Voluntários / Via  National News Agency / ANN of Brazil


Contact: Marcio Demari / 55-43-3037-1240 / Brazil

Source: Planeta Voluntários



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